Rena and Jason's Fabulous Wedding at 26 Bridge in Brooklyn, New York

Just had our Wedding last weekend and being an OCD perfectionist bride wasn’t easy, but as soon as Michael came and he took complete control. In a good way- not those snobby i know what I’m doing or only my way or the high way or I’m an artist, i don’t care what you want. He is so comfortable and easy to work with and after interviewing months of different DJ’s, i really needed someone who would prioritize my needs while implementing their professional input. We loved his sense of work ethics. Michael is very meticulous where he makes sure to check-in with you from time to time throughout your engagement as well as a thorough phone call a week before to do final rundowns. It was just too easy and pleasant to work with him! We believe in chemistry, and we really hit it off with Michael right from the first meeting! I will be reaching out again for my future events! JiSung and I are really appreciative of all your hard work for our wedding. Thank you so much for making it really our night!!
— Rena K.
New York DJ at Brooklyn Wedding with Bride and Groom
21740859_10100179172678742_866284915461782779_o.jpgNew York DJ at Brooklyn Wedding with Reception Dancing