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Seven Essential Wedding DJ Tips

It's true that a DJ can make or break a wedding.

We've all heard stories of DJs that have ruined a wedding - perhaps they weren't prepared, or overcharged, or didn't play the requested songs.

Below, I will cover some tips to look for when it comes to finding a DJ for your wedding, or any event that requires music.

1. With you every step

A sign of a good wedding DJ is someone who is there from the start. From the first phone call to the last song the night-of, the DJ should be there as you need him/her. The DJ should understand your needs and requests for your wedding - after all, it is your day! 

Personally, I like to have an initial phone call, as well as a face-to-face meeting at least once prior to the date of the event. This provides a more personal feeling, and also puts the couple at ease. They should know that you are there for them.


Wedding DJ Questions
Wedding DJ Planning and Vendors

2. Planning ahead with the venue and other vendors

Typically, multiple vendors are involved in every wedding or event, and it is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Checking in with the venue, doing a site-visit, and getting the floor plan/photos, are things I try to do prior to each event I work. This helps ensure my setup will be in an ideal location and I am properly prepared ahead of time.

If other vendors are involved in the ceremony or reception (musicians, etc), it is imperative to check in with them prior to the event as well, so all parties are aligned.


3. Entertainment Everyone Loves

A wedding DJ should have the right experience and knowledge to create an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance for everyone to enjoy. Besides playing the bride and/or groom's requests, a DJ needs to cater to the crowd, to ensure everyone is happy. 

One of the ways to include everyone is to take requests. I always make sure to have a request book with me at each event, so guests can ask for certain songs to be played. More importantly, I always check with the bride and groom prior to their day, to make sure they are okay with their guests making requests.

Wedding DJ Well Dressed

4. Lookin’ sharp!

It's time to suit up! A wedding DJ should be well-dressed for the occasion. Unless requested otherwise, I always try to wear a black suit, as a DJ should not stand out from the crowd, rather blending in with the background.

Being well-rested is also important - there's no need to have your DJ falling asleep at the decks or worse, missing important cues due to lack of attention. 


Wedding DJ Equipment

5. Testing...1, 2...Check, Check

It is imperative for the DJ to test all equipment ahead of time, including the sound system and microphones. The speakers should be positioned to take advantage of the acoustics of the room, something which a great DJ should know how to maximize, as every room and location has its' own unique acoustics. 

6. Ability to read the crowd

A good DJ should be able to read the crowd - if a song isn't working, try a new one! There should be a balance so all guests (especially the bride and/or groom) are happy.

7. prə-nŭn'-sē-ā′-shən

Your wedding DJ and/or Master of Ceremony (MC) should take the responsibility of your announcements very seriously.  A great DJ will practice the names multiple times prior to the event to make sure that every name is pronounced correctly. This is crucial for the DJ, as any introductions will most likely be captured on video the day-of, for you to watch over and over.

Overall, a great DJ is well prepared and will help you to create a lifetime of memories. 

Looking for more wedding DJ advice and guidance for your upcoming wedding? Feel free to reach out - I'd love to help!