How to Find the Best DJ for Your Event

What does it take to be the best DJ ever? How about the best DJ in New Jersey? What about the best DJ in New York? Or even the best DJ in the country? More importantly, who is the best DJ in your area, and as a customer, how do you distinguish between the best DJ in your area and anyone else?

Are the best DJ companies in your area given awards by sites like TheKnot or WeddingWire, or are they hired regularly by the same people? Does the best DJ in your area have a residency at your local bar, or recommended by event planners? These are all things to consider when hiring a DJ for an event.

It is my opinion that the best DJ in your area is completely subjective. Everyone has their own criteria for ranking the top entertainers, and it can be overwhelming to listen to everyone's opinion!

Now I know that it's not fair to just leave you hanging like that, but unfortunately, there is no one correct answer. What I can provide, are some specific factors to help you determine who is the best DJ in your area. 


Reviews and Testimonials

  • Wedding DJ or Event DJ reviews, found on booking sites like WeddingWire and TheKnot, are important because real people write them. It is ideal to put weight on what people say, especially from those trusted sources. But keep in mind that sometimes, clients are incentivized to write reviews and thus might be a bit biased. Just remember to take that into account when looking for the best wedding DJ or the best event DJ in your area.

  • When located on a Wedding DJ or Event DJ entertainers' website, customer testimonials are also great, but they can easily be fabricated - so watch out! However, pictures of physical "thank you cards" or screenshots of emails from clients are harder to modify and thus should be trusted more whenever available.

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The Best DJ in New York and New Jersey

Pictures and Video

  • There is so more to being the best DJ than playing music. Presentation is a big part of the DJ career and the best DJs in your area provide pictures, offering a look at the presentation of past events or even a snapshot into their own life because, well... DJs are people too.

  • The availability of high quality cameras on smartphones allow some of the best DJs to use videos for showcasing their presentations, providing a glance at featured parties, a look behind the scenes, or tips/tricks/questions for prospective clients and the DJ community.



Music Samples

  • Considering the main role of the best DJ is to provide music, offering music samples is essential. More importantly, the best DJs love his or her craft and are prone to share as much as possible. The best DJs understand that their musical showcases are listened to and shared by potential clients.

  • Music sites like SoundCloud and MixCloud offer a centralized location for the best DJs and producers in your area to share their best tracks and/or mixes with the world.

The Best DJ in New York and New Jersey
The Best DJ in New York and New Jersey

Social Media Presence

  • No matter your business, social media is always a necessity and the best DJs significantly boost inbound utilizing sites like Instagram, a great spot for the best DJs to showcase their talent. Similar to Twitter, tagging other accounts and using hashtags brings together similar ideas and can boost viral marketing.

  • Pinterest is getting ever more popular as some of the most creative ideas are pinned from sites all over the web. The best DJs in your area express themselves in new and creative ways, hoping to spark more creative ideas.


Blog and Updates

  • Writing blogs allows the best DJs to shine a light onto some key details about previous events or even offer a behind-the-scenes look into the day-to-day of some of the best DJs in your area.

  • You are hiring more than just the best DJ in your area, you are hiring the best DJ experience. The best DJs can use updates to showcase industry knowledge and should not be overlooked, as the best DJs in your area are also industry thought-leaders.

The Best DJ in New York and New Jersey

I hope these points help with your decisions in finding the best DJ in your area for your event. If they happen to make things more complicated, I am always available to chat and discuss. Please feel free to reach out any time as I a would love to help you find the best DJ for you.

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