Justin's Big Day Bar-Mitzvah at the Brotherhood Synagogue in Gramercy Park, New York CIty

Justin's Bar Mitzvah was held in April 2018 at the beautiful Brotherhood Synagogue at Gramercy Park in Manhattan.

The day was made special by Justin's closest friends and family, who gathered together to dance, sing, play games, and express their love for Justin.

Justin with family and friends at his Bar-Mitzvah

Justin with family and friends at his Bar-Mitzvah

The outside of the Brotherhood Synagogue in Gramercy Park.

The outside of the Brotherhood Synagogue in Gramercy Park.

Justin's mother left a glowing review for my work on his big day!

Justin's mother left a glowing review for my work on his big day!

What a lovely note from Justin's mother, Ilene!

I had a blast entertaining for the family, and I'm so glad they enjoyed everything as well!

No Jewish celebration is complete without the Hora, or chair dance. In this tradition, a few guests hoist the family high above the crowd on chairs to the catchy song of "Hava Nagila." Friends and family dance around in an ecstatic circle as the elevated couple tries not to look (or fall) down.

During our initial calls, Justin's parents were unsure if the chairlift during the Hora would be a hit. But as soon as the chair came out, the family jumped at the chance to be circled and lifted up! 

Justin and his friends had a blast with the photo booth!

One of the most fun times of the party was playing Coke and Pepsi and Scavenger Hunt Musical Chairs

For Coke and Pepsi, I added Seven-Up for all players to freeze, Superman for everyone to run back and forth across the floor, and Dr. Pepper which required players stand back-to-back and lock arms. 

For Scavenger Hunt Musical Chairs, I requested items like a shoe size 4 and under or a five-dollar bill. These had to be retrieved before the contestants raced back to their seats. The last player back found no empty chairs and was eliminated.

Prizes for Scavenger Hunt Musical Chairs and Coke and Pepsi included bejeweled fidget spinners, Amazon gift cards, and gift cards to Carvel Ice Cream shops, which happens to be Justin's favorite!


Justin made an impression with 14 clever one-liners for the candle-lighting with special songs picked out for each special guest. 


There was also a great cake served - Mazal Tov indeed!

Balletta Mitzvah Cake.jpg

We had a Bar Mitzvah for our son this past April and DJ Michael Demby made our event outstanding!!! Michael is very talented, organized and extremely affable. He was easy to work with right from the moment we first made contact. Michael is full of great party ideas. At our event, he played our selected music expertly, timing every song perfectly. He provided terrific suggestions for the music and was able to get everyone involved in dancing. If you have an event involving children, Michael is truly skilled in working with kids and knows exactly what to do to keep them engaged and happy. We had SO MUCH FUN with a number of party games he proposed, involving both children and adults. Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had :-). If you want a special, memorable event that is perfect from start to finish, we recommend DJ Michael Demby as your first and only choice. He is the BEST!
— Ilene and Dominick

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