Keep it Measured and Deliberate

A legend of the DJ and entertainment industry visited the New Jersey DJ Network to showcase his new better business speech book for us. 

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I visited the NJDJN networking event on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at the Crown Plaza in Edison to learn some tricks of the trade about being an MC at events. Paul Geiger, a former Star DJs Hall-of-Famer, musician, singer, actor, and public speaking coach, wrote "Better Business Speech" to share his valuable techniques that have pioneered the DJ entertainment industry, contributing to how most of us perform as MCs

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Paul started with a brief introduction and live audience examples about how a simple change can make all the difference. He then spent the remaining time discussing individual requests directly from the audience. This seminar approach tends to be very effective and time efficient as the audience learns from examples while ensuring everything is covered (as long as you have an interactive audience). I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Paul speak.

Here are some of the major bullets I walked away with:

  • Speaking is all about delivery

  • Your message should fit on a bumper sticker ("Keep it measured and deliberate." - Paul Geiger)

  • Be authentic

  • Breathe deep and let that propel your message

  • Master the pause to build anticipation

  • Prepare

Thank you Paul for the advice and to remember to always keep it measured and deliberate.

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You can find more of Paul's professional content here. Let me know what you think of what Paul has to say in the comments below.

Keep it measured and deliberate... always!
— Paul Geiger